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Then as soon as my hands were free Bernie found the place to drop the corpses into the water. He chooses to throw Liana out first, but he doesn’t immediately throw me out. This is extremely unreasonable. Normally he should have wanted to get rid of two living people instead of two corpses. All of this was arranged so that I could break free from the ropes so I could witness it. But even if you could jump into the water, there was no guarantee that you could survive. Nothing was guaranteed. Everything was due to luck. I know it doesn’t make any sense, but do you think it makes sense that Liana had herself killed by Bernie and the diamonds disappeared when they both died? I don’t think that makes any sense either. I think there is a possibility … and I’m not the only one thinking about it … you have all the diamonds. If I had the diamonds, why would I leave two of them in my laundry drawer? Maybe you did this to support your story and make it look like you were plotted. I guess you think I’m a very clever criminal. You’re valuing me more than I deserve, Detective. You’re not the only one thinking of my 235 l. After interrogation, George was left alone for another hour. Outside the quiet room, he wondered whether he was discussing his arrest now or later. He tried to take this seriously. but the diamonds in his drawer could not go out of his mind. Were these some kind of expressions of thanks for Liana? Or is the sim a stake? Detective James entered the room and said, “You can go, Mr. Foss. We are done for now. George stood up. Will you come out with me? George lighted a cigarette when they got out. “I was sure you were going to arrest me today,” he said to Detective James, who arrived with him on the doorstep to the dead end. You overwhelmed this branch. But you will be arrested. You only have time to decide what to blame. Thank you for prior notice. The general opinion is that you will take us to Liana Decter. So there are some people who agree with me that he is not drowned. No, it is common sense that Liana was never on that boat. At least there is not a single piece of evidence to show that he was there. It’s just my statement. Just your statement. So let me enjoy my freedom during my remaining time. I’ll tell you with my mind; do not leave the city. Why do you still trust me? George asked. I don’t know if I trust you, but I believe you are telling me the truth. As a part of my job, I listen to the lies of many liars. In returning the money to MacLean, I believe you have good intentions and that you were deceived by l.iana and Bernie. You know about the diamonds in your bedroom

236 I do not think. And I believe you think Liana is still alive. But you don’t think he’s alive. Do you know what is my Occam’s razor? If a problem has multiple explanations, the most accurate is the simplest. Yes. In this case, the simplest explanation is that Liana Decter and Bernie MacDonald stole the diamonds, Bernie decided to kill everyone in the business out of greed or jealousy, and he would eventually die when he nearly succeeded. As for diamonds ..

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