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Alright. Why is that? I do not know. He did not explain the details, but as you said, you were penetrated by the man. He doesn’t want to run away from you. But he got the money back, right? Took. Liana sighed. What else did MacLean say? Tell me everything. George explained what had happened to him from the very beginning. He described the house, the young woman who took him in, the special detective DJ, and while waiting for MacLean he told how he was taken into a wood paneled room, similar to the Sherlork Holmes stories. She then talked about what MacLean had to say about their wives and that a company employee had seen him rummaging through the man’s filing cabinets. “Philip Chung,” Liana said. I’m not surprised by that. The thing is, I was really looking for the password to the vault, but just to put some files in there. If I asked him, Gerry would have told me the password. He said the same thing. George told him the rest of the story without much change either. But he didn’t say the hair dye business and he began to believe that MacLean had been cheated from the very beginning. She knew Liana would deny it, and she didn’t want to hear it. He would have a hard time believing him. What do you think of him? asked Liana. He seemed reasonable to me. Sure, he’s not a man to contradict, but he didn’t seem like someone who would deliberately harm anyone. I think you should trust him and face him to apologize. Then I hope he’ll let you move on with his life. What life is this? Can you go back to Barbados? I can go back, but I’m not sure I want this. There must be other places, other places where you have settled since the last time I saw you …

Liana was staring at the vodka that had remained at the bottom of her glass until then, but then she looked up at George. The anger that appeared in her eyes for a moment was immediately replaced by something else. It could be grief, or regret. I’m tired of starting my life from scratch every three years. I do not seek mercy, because I caused everything that happened to me, but I can no longer reconcile myself with the way I first met you. I was trapped and did terrible things to get rid of this trap; now I have to be punished for the rest of my life. The rim of his eye wrinkled when I.iana laughed. I am obviously looking for mercy. Woe bad, poor me. Believe me, I have never been more emotionally charged than I am. Until I was tired of living on the run. Nowadays there is something I am thinking about: You surrendered and went to jail, I wonder what shape your liaison would take? Mel that I would have been evacuated by now and I could use my real name. “Now you can surrender,” George said. I didn’t think so. It just doesn’t hurt to go back to Florida; If I do something like that, the judgment will be there. I’ve never been back there, did you know? I didn’t think he would return anyway. They were silent for a short while. George wanted to ask him some questions; Up to 11 of what happened in Florida was deliberate and up to 11 was a terrible accident, they wanted to know.

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