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Bera¬ BER, BERA¬ BER, after the plank, was not exposed to attend many battles in the legal Sultan Süleyman.

Because the expeditioned expeditions in the transfer were greatly maritime and the sultan was not prompted to control the sultan. The first time of the Cülus tip was given to the class of the lobe, the first time he removed Selim Han. SUKKAKI SULTAN II. Its perhaps the biggest chance of the law of the legal transfer is that some of the lives in his cycle.

In addition, Selim Han has found the opportunity and possibility of recognizing almost all of the Law Sultan Süleyman Age and his arts. It is a historian Gelibolulu Mustafa, one of the leading names outside of ŞeyhüliSlam Ebussuud master.

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Künhul-Ahbar is a famous work with the name of a famous history, again large miniature artist and Nakkaş Nigarî II. Selim Han has seen M akay. Poet Bâkî, II. Selim Han has made an Anatolia and Rumeli accident in time, but he did not reach the order of what he wants to be very much wanted to be. Selim is also a diameter is a sultan.

As the needy in need of the needy, the needyaFya mosque has arrived at the present by arbitration with the demanding walls, two minarets have added two minarets. Selim Han used to show great real estate and respect. Sebussuud was not taken from the mission until the progression of the age of the age.

The famous MUTASAVVIF Yahya was highly high. A Hadise he lived in the time when the board had lived him to hear a deep budgetary.

Some places in the throat were asking as they were on their way. Yahya Efendi was the milk brother of your father’s hazy. He would fulfill my father with no doubt whatever my dad is. Yahya Efendi had not arrived once in the palace.

My father would always go on his feet. How can my father see her very complimented. The marriage is nice. Called a nice place called the castle playground.

Yahya invited the lord here with a sultan man. Yahya Master had to compliment him when he arrived. Without a lot of Yahya, he was out with the Savebit. Sultan Selim Han, Yahya sees the lord, he was in the throne and greeted him and complimented him. Why you get out of your throne. What compliment is that? I told the repentant Abdest! Sultan Selim Han was a maughop and kissed from the hands of Yahya’s hands and showed the reverence. He thoroughly believed that he is a great guardian. Some of his poems he said in a small number of classical literature has been replaced by the most beautiful islands.

The most familiar with these are: We have made a new vastly by adding more than our Sabâ Gülşıkı Kemal Bayatık, which is found to find the above-last Beyti, on the above, where the plungee is interrupted by the muhrik-dem-i fig.

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